There are many situations when a business might need a temporary fence installation. From added security at a construction site to special events or any crowd control solution, temporary fence panels can be used for endless applications.

Here are the 4 leading market drivers behind why businesses are choosing to purchase temporary fences as opposed to renting.

1. Need for Security/Increasing Safety Regulations

Construction sites pose numerous security and safety risks, including theft and vandalism. Therefore, it is important that construction and renovation sites are safe and secure. By using temporary fencing, it protects your worksite with a barrier that not only prevents unauthorized personnel from entering your site but also helps direct traffic in the area.

At Broadfence, we offer the safest, most simple and most secure temporary fence solutions. Our temporary fence panels, like our Anticlimb Panels, are designed so it can assemble them quickly and easily. That way you can ensure public safety, property security, crowd control and theft deterrence.

2. Opportunity for Crowd Control Solutions

With the ever-changing situation due to COVID-19, social-distancing mandates have created an increased demand for temporary crowd control solutions. As most businesses are operating at a less-than-normal capacity to enable social distancing, they look to invest in products such as Broadfence’s Barricade Fence, which are geared toward increasing safety while still encouraging patronage. Find out more about how barricade fence can help your business during COVID-19.

3. Preference for Welded Wire Over Chain-Link Fence Panels

Traditionally, construction sites protect their perimeters with chain-link fence. However, more and more projects are starting to secure their site with wire mesh fence panels. As opposed to chain-link fence, Welded wire mesh fencing is easier to stack, easier to transport, and requires less maintenance. Due to this advantage, customers often preferred welded mesh panels, such as Broadfence’s AntiClimb Panels. Find out more of the differences between chain link and wire mesh fence panels here.

4. Increasing Rental Prices

The price of steel has reached record highs and has caused an increase in the cost of manufacturing temporary fence panels. Accordingly, the price increase has forced rental companies to raise their rental prices.

With soaring steel prices, it makes sense to buy temporary fence panels instead. You will be able to store them when you don’t need them and use them when you have a project on the go. At the end of the day, purchasing your own temp fence solution will save you money not only in the long run but also in the short term.

At Broadfence, we have plenty of inventory of our temporary fence panels on hand all the time. Get in contact with us for more information on purchasing your temporary fence like our AntiClimb Fence Panels or Barricade Fence