When you’re managing an event, whether it’s sporting event, an outdoor or indoor market, a political rally, a festival, or even a concert, the first thing you must consider is the safety of your patrons. The last thing your ever need is to be liable for injuries and potential deaths of people who put trust in you to make sure the event is safe

Additionally, as the COVID pandemic comes to a close and government regulations loosen, perimeter security for your events become that much more important. In fact, many regions around North America are already operating as “normal.” Events are back in full swing, so managing crowds becomes as important as it ever has.

Here are some important things to consider when organizing a crowd.

Define the Hot Areas of Your Event

When you control the flow of foot traffic, you control the flow of danger. And the best way to organize the crowd is by clearly demarcating and protecting corridors and sections where people gather with temporary fence panels. By clearly defining these areas and the ins and outs of these areas, you’ll create a safe place where people know where all the entries and exits are.

Control Entry Points and Security Check Points

A barricade fence panel is an ideal tool to funnel people toward the entrances, exits, and security checkpoints of your event. You can set up temporary fence, such as Broadfence’s Barricade Fence Panels, at strategic places within any event to create bottlenecks to slow down traffic, create security points and limit access to certain areas. 

Create a Queue System

While the pandemic is ending, the way society does things now will forever be different. When considering the safety of your event, public health will always and forever be front of mind from now on. Temporary fencing such as Barricade Panels will be in higher demand as they are an effective way to organize your crowd, spacing people out, keeping them 6 feet apart.

Broadfence’s Barricade Fence Panel is manufactured for safety and simplicity

With robust tubular steel frames, safety features and our rigorous testing, our Barricade Fence Panels give you the quality and reliability you need to protect your crowds. Our fence barriers offer you better performance, strength and safety through innovation and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. We make sure that ever barricade panel goes through rigorous quality checks to ensure you get the most safe, simple and secure fencing solution.

Broadfence fencing experts have years of expertise and can help you set up a safe, simple, and secure event. Get in touch with us today.