Temporary fence panels are essential for a variety of applications such as managing crowds at events or keeping unauthorized people out of construction job sites.  

One of the top considerations when it comes to temporary fence is: Should I rent or buy temporary fence? Often, companies across many sectors are finding it more convenient to buy their own temporary fence rather than renting.  

So, is buying temporary fence worth it and are you really getting what you pay for

The simple answer is, yes! At Broadfence, we work with our customers to ensure they are getting their money’s worth. Here is why buying temporary fence is a worthy investment:

1. Cost-Effective

Temporary fence is a cost-effective solution that will result in significant savings in the long run. Purchasing temporary fence may be an upfront cost but it is an investment!

When you rent fence for your projects, you essentially spend money every month for effectively no return. By purchasing temporary fencing, you can use your fence panels time and time again at a very economical price in comparison to renting. 

Furthermore, the price of steel has reached a record high and has caused an increase in the cost to manufacture temporary fence panels forcing rental companies to raise their rental prices. In turn, it makes sense to buy temporary fence panels instead, with all the hidden fees and increased costs in renting fence, purchasing fence is a worthy investment. 

2. Well-Constructed Temporary Fence 

Not all temporary fence panels are made equal. At Broadfence, we choose to use North American production, never sourcing cheap knock-off panels from Asia.

Our temporary fence panels are made with welded-wire as opposed to chain-link. Welded-wire mesh fencing is easier to stack, easier to transport, and requires less maintenance. Our wire-mesh fence has been tested to ensure it can withstand climates with the harshest winds all over North America! Due to this advantage, customers often prefer welded mesh panels, such as Broadfence’s AntiClimb Panels. 

Our Crowd Control Barriers are “SmartWeld” processed, also known as “resistance welding,” which ensures our temporary fence is of top quality. This process involves joining two pieces of steel and running a large electric current through them to fuse them together, creating an unbelievably strong joint. Find out more here. 

3. Buyback Program

Broadfence also offers a Buyback Program that makes it easy for you to solve any issues that may arise from having unwanted or unneeded panels at the end of a project. This is a ‘win-win’ program and is offered to you to take advantage of if it’s in your best interest. There is no obligation on you to do so, should you prefer to keep them when the job is over. Learn more about our Buyback Program here.