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What is approximate lead time?

Our lead time is approximately a week to 10 days for anywhere in North America. However, it can sometimes be shorter than a week depending on availability of trucks. Contact us to confirm delivery times. 

Do you have 8ft high panels?

Yes, we supply a 8’x12′ panel. Click here to view the product.

Do you supply sandbags? How do I prevent the fence from blowing over in the wind?

We do not currently supply sandbags, however, we do have an alternative called the Broadfoot. These 33lb weights will last a lot longer and were made to do the job with easy installation and no mess. They fit easily over our standard temporary fence stands, and their low-profile, high-visibility yellow accents reduce trip hazards for pedestrians passing your job site. Our Anticlimb panel also comes with a 30lb hivis foot, which reduces the need for a sandbag, compared to the flat stands that other panels come with.

Do we have to have machinery to unload our fence when it is delivered?/Do trucks come with the ‘on-board’ capability of unloading the panels?

It is highly recommend that, a piece of machinery of some sort needs to be available to unload when your fence arrives. We recommend using machinery with extended forks for safety and to prevent damage.  However, should you choose to unload by hand this can be done too, but we recommend having several people available to help. The driver of the truck is not our own but is contracted for the delivery, and is not obliged to help. None of the trucks used to ship our panels have the ‘on-board’ capability of unloading them. You are responsible to arrange the offload.

What is the difference between the wire mesh panel and chain link panel?

The wire mesh panel that we supply is a lot nicer than the chain link panel as the mesh is welded to the actual frame of the panel. On a chain link panel, the mesh is only attached to the side of the frame which causes tangling and knotting when they are piled on top of each other.

Do you do colored panels?

No, we supply a fully galvanized panel which is a steel grey color. We have moved away from colored, painted panels as the paint often chipped off causing the panel to rust a lot more quickly.

What is the difference between the three styles of Anticlimb panels?
The Anticlimb Standard and Premium panels are a very similar style panel but the Premium comes with some additional features. These features include a vertical middle post, 4-corner plates to strengthen welds, and slightly thicker vertical end posts. Other than this, all the dimensions are the same, with the exception of the weight of the Premium being 38 lbs compared to the 30 lb Standard. The Platinum panel is our heaviest duty panel, and comes with a thicker gauge frame/mesh as well as a metal tube stand, rather than the block feet. This style is manufactured in the USA and is designed for longevity.
Is there a discount/price break/price scale for taking a larger quantity?

Yes, our panel price depends on quantity so the more panels you purchase, the better price per panel. Most common way to buy is in lifts of 90 panels, but the very best price available is on truckload quantities (4 lifts).

Do you do post-driven fencing?
At this time, we do not supply any post driven fencing material. However, the feet on our panels do have holes in them which stakes/posts can be driven into for added stability.
Do you carry gates?
Pedestrian gates are available for purchase for our Anticlimb panels. You can also purchase wheel kits with our panels. These can be attached to any one of our panels, making the panel swing open like a gate.
What lengths and heights of fence does Broadfence carry?
The temporary fence panel we have available is 11′ 4″ long. They come in a height of 6 ft, but extensions panels can be added to make them 8 ft tall. We also have a barricade panel available, which is 7.5 ft long and 3.5 ft high.
Why should I buy temporary fencing when I can rent it?

The fencing will pay for itself very quickly depending on a few things: how often you rent fence, the cost of your rental fence, the quantity you intend to buy, the duration of the project. Also, if you have multiple projects you can move this fence onto, this will pay for itself very quickly.

What is the weight of a lift of Anticlimb panels?
A lift of Anticlimb panels weighs approx. 3000lbs. The skid of feet would be similar weight as well
How do you ensure the fence doesn't blow over?
Some tips to ensure you fence stays upright and stable are:
1. Install on a flat surface.
2. Put a sharp ‘v’ with the panels every few panels.
3. Use a Broadfoot weight if applicable or extra weight (sandbags) on the bases.
4. Brace panels with t-posts or pound posts into feet.