Whether you’re a first time buyer or an expert in the temporary fence industry, Broadfence is here to help with your questions. We have put together a few of the frequently asked questions below.

Q: What Products does Broadfence offer?

At Broadfence, we offer various temporary fencing options that include Anticlimb Temporary Fence Panels, Barricade Fence, Water Filled Barriers & Fence Toppers, and various accessories such as Privacy Screening, Custom Print Screening, Broadfoot and more!

Q: What type of fence do I need for my site? 

The best type of fence for your situation will depend on various factors that include the occasion, location, and requirements. Although, it is always best to talk to our product specialist, here is a quick overview of different situations where temporary fence may be needed:

Outdoor Events & Patios: With outdoor concerts, patios, festivals, carnivals or similar outdoor events, crowd control management, Broadfence’s Barricade Fence are usually best for these types of applications. Whether directing traffic, restricting hazardous areas or creating a seamless entrance and exit point, the goal of using Barricade Fence is to keep everyone safe.

Construction: Broadfence works with general contractors to make any construction job site safe, simple, and secure.  Our wire mesh Anticlimb Panels, a proven and tested alternative to common chain link fence panels, is best to use for any construction site! However, you may also use steel barricades, Water Filled Barriers and/or privacy screening to further manage your construction projects. For more information, contact our product specialist!

Q: What are the benefits of buying fence instead of renting it? 

Companies across many sectors are finding it more convenient to buy their own temporary fencing rather than renting – and for good reason! Here are the top three advantages of buying instead of renting:

  1. Spend less to own. Renting means spending money every month for effectively no return. When you own temporary fence panels, you can use them again and again.
  2. Easy to relocate. When you own temporary fence panels, you have the freedom to relocate and re-install without extra costs. You’ll be ready to comply with ever-increasing health and safety requirements.
  3. You’re in control. Never again will you have to rely on others, waiting on your rental company to deliver, install, or even relocate your temporary fence panels.

For more information, head over to our latest blog on Advantages of Buying Temporary Fence.

Q: What is the difference between the wire mesh panel and chain link panel?

Chain link fence panels are often very heavy and cumbersome. This makes it difficult to move around and install. In comparison, wire mesh fence is lighter, easier to install and can withstand climates all over North America that have the harshest wings! To find out more, read our blog on the difference between chain link and wire mesh fence panels.

Q: Are the temporary fence panels easy to store? 

Yes – Broadfence’s temporary fence panels are easy to store! All you need is an easily accessible small corner in your compound that’s 11.5’ by 8’ to store your temporary fencing when you’re not using it. You can easily flip it on its side as well to save even more space! For more information, head over to our blog about space-saving tips!

 Q: Where do you ship?

Broadfence will offer FREE shipping to anywhere in the United States or Canada. For more information, call our sales team at 1-855-993-0499.

Q: What is Broadfence’s Buyback Program?

Broadfence’s ‘Buyback’ program makes it easy for you to solve any issues that may arise from having unwanted or unneeded panels at the end of one of your projects. This is a ‘win-win’ program and is offered to you to take advantage of if you feel it is in your best interest. There is no obligation on you to do so should you prefer to keep them when the job is over. Learn more about our Buyback Program here.

If you need any further assistance or have any other questions, contact us today at 1-855-993-0499 and one of our product specialists will be more than happy to help!