Folks in the construction industry are starting to figure out that wire-mesh fence panels are the superior choice over chain link fencing. They’re lighter, easier to stack, and ultimately more durable, making them last longer.

Broadfence offers our highly popular line of temporary fencing—Anticlimb Fence Panels—our revolutionary wire-mesh fence panels. Anticlimb comes in standard, premium, and platinum builds, with a couple variations and extensions on some of the models.

Every job site is different, which means they all have different safety and security needs. Our Anticlimb Standard Fence Panel is a popular choice for many construction crews. It’s lightweight and durable and gets the job done, keeping your site safe, simple and secure.

But sometimes, you might need something a little extra, something a little longer, sturdier, thicker, and heavier. That’s where our Premium Panel and our most heavy-duty option, the Platinum Panel, come into play.

Don’t worry. It’s not confusing. And by the end of this article, you should have a good idea on which temporary fence panel your project needs.

But first, what do our Anticlimb Fence Panels have in common?

In North America, temporary fence is typically welded by hand, but that’s not how we do things at Broadfence. We use our “SmartWeld” process (actually called “resistance welding”), which involves joining two pieces of steel together and then running a large electric current through them to fuse them together, creating an unbelievably strong joint.

All of our Anticlimb panels are manufactured this way. Not only does a SmartWeld process ensure our temporary fencing is economical but also durable. They simply last longer.

Benefits of a SmartWeld:

  • Reduces health and safety concerns, protecting you against insurance claims and other liabilities
  • Ensures a more durable and longer-lasting fence panel than alternatives
  • Does not rust as fast as other fence panels
  • Provides better value

So, what’s the difference between all our Anticlimb panels?

Broadfence Anticlimb Panel

1. The Anticlimb Standard Fence Panel

Broadfence’s Anticlimb Standard Fence Panel is strong and durable, yet lightweight and easy to install. These 11’ 3” long and 6’ 7” high fence panels are perfect for large construction sites, enclosing hazards, concert and festival crowd control, event perimeters, environmental control and general road and civil works.

As the name implies, the welded wire mesh of our Anticlimb temporary fencing is tight enough so that a person can’t squeeze a foot in and climb over. As opposed to being painted, our fence panels are galvanized, so they won’t chip and rust. Part of what makes Broadfence’s Anticlimb Standard Fence Panel such an appealing fencing solution is that it’s a strong yet simple product.

2. The Anticlimb Premium Fence Panel

If your project needs a little extra protection, the Broadfence Anticlimb Premium Fence Panel is the perfect temporary fencing solution for you. Much like the Standard version, the Anticlimb Premium Fence Panel is a galvanized 6’ 7” high and 11’ 4” long. However, this fence panel comes with a crossbar that runs vertically through the middle for some added durability. Similar to the Anticlimb Standard Fence Panel, its premium brother weighs 38 pounds as opposed to 30.

For a little extra longevity, you might want to consider an option like this if you know things are going to get rough or even if your construction site is located in a high-wind area.

Additionally, the Anticlimb Premium Fence Panel comes in a different form factor as well. If rounded tops are something you need, Broadfence is happy to present the Anticlimb Premium Plus Round Top Fence Panel.

3. The Anticlimb Platinum Fence Panel

Last but not least, if site security and durability are paramount, we can’t suggest anything more than our Anticlimb Platinum Fence Panel.

It’s bigger, longer, and heavier than our previous panels, measuring a galvanized 6’ high and 12’ long, perfect for large construction sites, enclosing hazards, event perimeters, environmental control and general road and civil works. The Anticlimb Platinum Fence Panel weighs 53 pounds

Of course, not all site security issues are six feet tall. We also offer the Platinum Fence Panel in an 8-foot variation, for a little extra height.

Well, there you have it. Hopefully that helps you choose which temporary fence panel best suits your project. Get in touch with a Broadfence rep today, and we can help you make the right decision for your job site.