What is temporary fencing?

Now more than ever, safety is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Whether you’re a construction company or an event planner, you will need to find a way to manage crowds, physically distancing people from unsafe work areas or restricted zones.

Temporary fencing acts as a barrier to keep areas such as construction sites or event venues safe. At Broadfence, we offer the safest, most simple and most secure temporary fence solutions. Our temporary fence panels are designed so you can assemble them quick and easy. That way you can ensure public safety, property security, crowd control and theft deterrence.

Broadfence’s temporary fencing

Broadfence’s temporary fencing panels are manufactured and rigorously tested for optimal strength and durability to withstand climates all over North America. All our temporary fence panels have been designed and engineered with welded wire mesh as opposed to chain-link, increasing longevity of the panel and reducing exposure to injury. Our consistent manufacturing process and automated quality control ensures every fence panel is uniform and meets our quality standards.

At Broadfence, we offer a wide range of temporary fence panels for various industries. Whether you’re looking for construction fencing, crowd control barriers, or even privacy screen fencing, Broadfence has the temporary fencing solution for you.

Our tried and true Anticlimb Fence Panels are durable. And as the name implies, they have a tight mesh pattern, so that a person can’t squeeze a foot in and climb over. As opposed to being painted, our fence panels are galvanized, so they won’t chip and rust.

Part of what makes Broadfence’s Anticlimb Standard Panel such an appealing fencing solution is that it’s a strong yet simple product.

How to install Broadfence’s Anticlimb temporary fencing

To ensure a safe and healthy environment both in and around your job site, temporary fencing like our Anticlimb Standard Panel must be properly and safely installed during the entire duration of the project.

Read our guide on how to safely and correctly install our Anticlimb temporary fence panels to secure your job site!

Step 1: Check Conditions

First and foremost, survey your site. Whether it’s a construction site or an event, determine how you want the flow of pedestrians to look like. What areas do you want to block off from the public? From there, you can determine exactly where your fence should be placed.

Step 2: Lay out the base

After determining the area you want to secure, set the temporary fencing base — the high-visibility plastic feet — into position. Broadfence’s Anticlimb fencing comes with a 33-pound, high-visibility plastic foot that the fence panel easily slides into. Because each Anticlimb fence panel is 11 feet 3 inches long, spread the high-viz feet accordingly, putting one foot every fence length.

Step 3: Install and connect the panels

Now that you have your feet in place, slide the Anticlimb temporary fence panel into the holes of the plastic foot. The foot has multiple inserts, so you can erect fence panels along a sidewalk without them being a tripping hazard. Continue to set up fence panels where you’ve placed your plastic feet. The fence panel itself is light, weighing in at only 30 pounds, so it’s easy for one person to do on their own. 

Step 4: Install the caps

When your Anticlimb fence panels are in place, secure the fence further with the provided coupler. With a drill, this part of the setup takes literal seconds, as the clamp can be placed anywhere on the frame of the fence.

Step 5: Add fence accessories and/or signage

For many, this is an optional step, as you might not have additional fence accessories or privacy screening to complement your temporary fencing setup.

However, if you do have some of these fencing items like a wheel kit or extension panels, now is the time to add them.

Step 6: Disassemble your fence and store for later

The great things about Broadfence’s Anticlimb temporary fence panels is that they store well and efficiently. Unlike conventional chain link that gets tangled and cumbersome, the wire mesh of the Anticlimb fence panel is welded right to the frame of the fence, reducing the risk of tangling.