Anticlimb Platinum Fence Panel – 8ft

Now available in 8ft High

If your job site needs the pinnacle of protection, look no further than the Broadfence Anticlimb Platinum Fence Panel, an elite temporary fencing solution for when you need the very best in site security. The Anticlimb Platinum Fence Panel is a galvanized 8’ high and 12’ long fence panel, perfect for large construction sites, enclosing hazards, event perimeters, environmental control and general road and civil works.

Each panel comes with one foot and one coupler.


*Please note Broadfence is not liable to any damage to this product caused by material (screening, signage, etc) attached to the panels.

Additional information

Tube Stand Dimensions

18” wide x 36” long

Mesh Opening

2.03” wide x 7.66” high

Panel Weight

64.4 lbs

Tube Stand Weight

10 lbs

Vertical Posts Gauge

17 gauge(1.375” diameter)

Horizontal Posts Gauge

17 gauge(1.375” diameter)

Fence Mesh Gauge

10 gauge

Quantity Per Lift


Quantity Per Truckload


Surface Protection


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Custom Decal Plates

Custom decals are available on truckload orders of Platinum panels only. Ask us for more details.

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There’s no need to ever worry about our inventory because we always have plenty of stock on hand, ready to ship at a moment’s notice. From our yard to yours, our trucks take the fencing you need exactly where it needs to go—your project. A successful project is a safe project. So, be prepared with Broadfence.


Each galvanized Anticlimb Platinum Fence Panel measures 12’ wide and 8’ high. Our fencing comes with a large tube stand for easy installation and a coupler for securing the panel better. It is heavier and thicker gauge steel and wire than the Standard and Premium fencing options, as it uses heavier gauge tubing, sits slightly lower to the ground and is slightly longer than the Standard and Premium Fence Panels. The panel weighs 64.4 lbs and the tube stand is 3 feet long and 18 inches wide. It comes with 4 corner plates and a vertical stay.

The Anticlimb mesh on this fence panel is even tighter to further protect your site. The Platinum Fence Panel is a robust temporary fencing option, as it has an extra vertical tubular frame in the center of the panel and corner strengthening braces.



Broadfence Anticlimb Premium Fence Panels are fast to install, durable and rugged. You’ll have your job sit protected in a quick hour or two. Featuring Anticlimb mesh for added security, the panel is very sturdy despite only weighing 64.4 pounds.

Simply insert the fence panel into the tube stands, secure the fence by adding the couple between the panels, and you’re done!

We also recommend adding bracing to your temporary fence in high wind areas. Workers can add bracing, stays or sandbags to ensure the fence remains stable and secure at all times.



  • Each Anticlimb Platinum Fence Panel measures 8’ high and 12’ long
  • Each lightweight fence panel is 64.4 pounds
  • The Anticlimb wire mesh measures 7.7” high and 2.0” wide
  • Great option for medium to longer term projects when extra durability is required
  • Corner strengthening plates and additional vertical tubular frame

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