Anticlimb Premium Fence Panel

If your project needs a little extra protection, the Broadfence Anticlimb Premium Fence Panel is the perfect temporary fencing solution for you. Much like the Standard version, the Anticlimb Premium Fence Panel is a galvanized 6’ 7” high and 11’ 4” long. However, this fence panel comes with a crossbar that runs vertically through the middle along with four corner plates for added durability.

Each panel comes with one foot and one coupler.


*Please note Broadfence is not liable to any damage to this product caused by material (screening, signage, etc) attached to the panels.

Additional information

Panel Size

6' 7" High x 11' 4" Long

Foot Dimensions

7.5” wide x 30” long x 4.5″ high

Mesh Opening

1.7” wide x 9.5” high

Panel Weight

38 Lbs.

Foot Weight

33 Lbs.

Vertical Posts Gauge

18 gauge (1.57″ diameter)

Horizontal Posts Gauge

19 gauge (1.18″ diameter)

Fence Mesh Gauge

13 gauge

Quantity Per Lift


Surface Protection


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Each Anticlimb Premium Fence Panel measures 6’ 7” high and 11’ 4” wide. Similar to our Standard fence panel, its premium brother is 38 pounds as opposed to 30. That extra weight can be found in the central tubular frame that runs vertically and the corner strengthening plates. The Anticlimb Premium Fence Panel is a great fencing option when your job site needs that a little extra support when erecting a fencing system in a high-wind area.

Broadfence produces the fencing panels from Anticlimb mesh. This ensures added safety and security on site. The mesh is then fixed to an 18 gauge 1.6” dia galvanized steel tubing frame. The Premium Fence Panel is a robust temporary fencing option, as it has an extra vertical tubular frame in the center of the panel and corner strengthening braces.



Broadfence Anticlimb Premium Fence Panels are fast to install, durable and rugged. Much like the Standard fencing panel, you’ll have your fence panels set up, protecting your job site, in a quick hour or two. Featuring Anticlimb mesh for added security, the panel is very sturdy despite only weighing 38 pounds.

While other fence panels are complicated or cumbersome to set up, a key advantage of the Broadfence Anticlimb Premium Panel (being that it’s lightweight and maneuverable) is that it can be installed by just one person. Each panel measures 11’ 3” long and 6’ 7” high. You simply insert the fence into the hi-viz recycled rubber foot, a sturdy 33-pound base, and secure it with a coupler, which makes for a quick install process that provides immediate security to your site.

We also recommend adding bracing to your temporary fence in high wind areas. Workers can add bracing, stays or sandbags to ensure the fence remains stable and secure at all times.



The Anticlimb Premium Fence Panel has been proven in the field and well received by our customers. It is the ideal temporary fence panel for use on civil projects, commercial sites, industrial work zones, construction sites, public events, demolition and mining sites. Furthermore, it is the fence of choice for rental companies across North America.

Our expert customer service specialists have all had years in the industry and will provide accurate estimates of how much temp fencing you need. Additionally, we will offer advice on the best solution for your project. If you are looking for a quality product that provides longevity at a competitive price, then the Broadfence Anticlimb Premium Fence Panel is the perfect fit for your requirements.



  • Each Anticlimb Standard Fence Panel measures 6’ 7” high and 11’ 4” long
  • Each temporary fence panel has a 1.6” dia tube verticals and 1.2” dia horizontals
  • Each lightweight fence panel is 38 pounds
  • The Anticlimb wire mesh measures 9.5” high and 1.7” wide
  • Great option for medium to longer term projects
  • Corner strengthening plates and additional vertical tubular frame
  • Anticlimb Premium Fence Panels are very easy to set up by one person

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