Lift of Anticlimb Standard Fence Panels

Quantity: 90 Panels

Broadfence’s Anticlimb Standard Fence Panel is strong and durable, yet lightweight and easy to install. These 11’ 4” long and 6’ 7” high fence panels are perfect for large construction sites, enclosing hazards, concert and festival crowd control, event perimeters, environmental control and general road and civil works.


*Please note Broadfence is not liable to any damage to this product caused by material (screening, signage, etc) attached to the panels.

Additional information

Panel Size

6' 7" High x 11' 4" Long

Foot Dimensions

7.5” wide x 30” long x 4.5″ high

Mesh Opening

1.7” wide x 9.5” high

Panel Weight

30 Lbs.

Foot Weight

33 Lbs.

Vertical Posts Gauge

19 gauge (1.5″ diameter)

Horizontal Posts Gauge

19 gauge (1″ diameter)

Fence Mesh Gauge

13 gauge

Quantity Per Lift


Surface Protection


As the name implies, the welded wire mesh of our Anticlimb temporary fencing is tight enough so that a person can’t squeeze a foot in and climb over. As opposed to being painted, our fence panels are galvanized, so they won’t chip and rust. Part of what makes Broadfence’s Anticlimb Standard Fence Panel such an appealing fencing solution is that it’s a strong yet simple product.

Broadfence has Anticlimb Standard Fence Panels available in small or large quantities. We’re never in short supply. Each and every panel can be stocked in enormous quantities, meaning we can fulfil orders for miles of fencing. Because manufacturing in such quantities offers economies of scale, Broadfence is able to price our temporary fencing so competitively.



Regardless of the size of your crew, Broadfence’s Anticlimb Standard Fence Panel is easy to install. You’ll have your fence panels set up, protecting your job site, in a quick hour or two. Featuring Anticlimb mesh for added security, the panel is very sturdy despite only weighing 30 pounds.

While other fence panels are complicated or cumbersome to set up, a key advantage of the Broadfence Anticlimb Standard Panel (being that it’s lightweight and maneuverable) is that it can be installed by just one person. Each panel measures 11’ 4” long and 6’ 7” high. You simply insert the fence into the hi-viz recycled rubber foot, a sturdy 33-pound base, and secure it with a coupler, which makes for a quick install process that provides immediate security to your site.



The Anticlimb Standard Fence Panel is perfect for civil construction projects, large building and commercial construction, sporting events and environmental protection areas. It can also be used in small quantities to restrict access around safety hazards on site or in the public domain.



Our expert customer service specialists have all had years in the industry and will provide accurate estimates of how much temp fencing you need. Additionally, we will offer advice on the best solution for your project. If you are working to a tight budget the Broadfence Anticlimb Standard is the perfect fit for your requirements.

These temporary fence panels have proven itself time and time again on projects large and small. Purchase single panels, or as a package that includes clamps and the sturdy high-visibility feet.

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