Light-weight temporary fence panel stand

High Strength Risers
More often than not when a pile of temporary fence panel stands come back from a job site the risers are broken or bent. Our stands are welded so your panels will bend before our stand breaks.

Hi-visibility for crowded areas
The low profile stand is suitable for crowd control as it is anti-trip and hi-vis.

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7 lbs


Black with yellow inserts

Ready for immediate shipping!

There’s no need to ever worry about our inventory because we always have plenty of stock on hand, ready to ship at a moment’s notice. From our yard to yours, our trucks take the fencing you need exactly where it needs to go—your project. A successful project is a safe project. So, be prepared with Broadfence.

Rapid installation
The Ox-Stand is an alternative to a temporary fence panel stand, commonly used with temporary fencing at events and on construction sites. You can stack and carry multiple Ox-Stands at a time, drastically reducing installation time and cost.

  • Anti-trip and hi-vis
  • Compact stacking
  • Easy to handle and transport
  • High strength risers
  • Suitable for down to 1-3/8” fence post
  • Use with Broadfoot as a ballast weight

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