Rent To Own

Rental Fencing For Your Business That You Can Keep When Your Job Is Done!

With the ever growing need for construction site safety & security along with Health & Safety compliance, the days of ‘open sites’ are over.

Do you want to OWN the ‘Broadfence Advantage’ but don’t want to outlay the cash? Want to spread your payments to help cash flow?

Think the Broadfence ‘rent-to-own’ program – the versatile easy monthly payment option. The program spreads the capital cost but is also a tax-efficient way of spending you money. Each monthly payment is 100% tax write off meaning that by the end of the term the fence is yours but is written down to zero in your financials!

This program can actually work out less expensive than straight rental – especially on a longer term project – plus the added bonus is – the panels are yours!

This is how it works:

  • Get a quote on a monthly payment per panel (as little as $2.00 per panel! ) and choose between a 2 , 3, 4 or 5 year term.
  • Fill out an application form with a Broadfence representative to get you approved for credit. (For a corporation, this is just your company name, address & company registration number)
  • Sign the rent-to-own documents and submit them with your first payment.
  • Broadfence is ready to deliver to your site!

The easiest, quickest and most tax efficient way to own the ‘Broadfence Advantage and to set a boundary that is safe, simple & secure. Call 1 855 993 0499 to speak to a Broadfence customer service representative today! Our fencing is perfect for all of your construction fencing and temporary fencing needs.