Most temporary fence found in North America is welded by hand, which actually means more metal is used in the welding process.

Broadfence does not weld by hand. Our “SmartWeld” process is something that is actually called “resistance welding,” and no extra metal is added during the welding process. This process involves joining two pieces of steel together and then actually running a large electric current through them to fuse them together, creating an unbelievably strong joint.

Because we manufacture our temporary fence panels with a SmartWeld, Broadfence’s temporary fencing is safe, simple and secure. We’re even using the same rigorous manufacturing SmartWeld process on our crowd control barricades as well.

Why SmartWeld is Safe

A fence panel or barrier that fails or falls over can lead to serious problems from a health and safety point of view. But, when we’re talking about safety, a temporary fence panel manufactured with the SmartWeld process, much like Broadfence’s Anticlimb series, is carefully designed to avoid these problems. The fact that they are stronger than alternatives like traditional chain link fence panels that have been welded by hand means they are much less likely to fail in the first place. They even stand the test of time, providing safety over longer periods than alternative fence panels.

Why SmartWeld is Simple

When it comes down to it, a temporary fence panel that employs SmartWeld technology is more simple than fencing alternatives because it’s just one solid piece. There’s no risk of the weld failing like it could on traditional chain link fence, and there’s no risk of your fence panels tangling when the weld comes apart.

SmartWeld fence panels are simple because they’re smart:

  • Reduces health and safety concerns, protecting you against insurance claims and other liabilities
  • Ensures a more durable and longer-lasting fence panel than alternatives
  • Does not rust as fast as other fence panels
  • Provides better value

Why SmartWeld is Secure

Because of its better design, better materials, and improved manufacturing process, Broadfence’s Anticlimb Fence and Crowd Control Barriers are stronger than alternative products in North America.

And that’s thanks to the SmartWeld.

Furthermore, each and every one of our fence panels are tested so that we can guarantee their strength, ensuring that your job site is secure and protected.

Other temporary fence products may look similar but only SmartWeld features:

  • Joint strength that’s 70% stronger than a traditional MIG weld fencing
  • Unparalleled testing procedures and quality assurance, as we test every single frame with up to 1100+ pounds of force
  • Tensioned mesh gives the frames a taut and uniform appearance
  • Each and every wire is welded to the frame to add strength and durability (unlike traditional chain link fencing)

So, if what you’ve read about our SmartWeld process interests you, get in touch with Broadfence today and we’ll work together to find you a safe, simple and secure temporary fencing solution! Contact us today!