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About Broadfence

Your Temporary Fence Leaders

When it comes to perimeter security and crowd control, Broadfence offers the safest, simplest, and most secure temporary fence solutions. Protect and manage the crowds at your construction job site, event venue, or any vacant lot at a price that you can afford. We deliver your temporary fence panels or crowd control barricades right to your location, so all you have to do is set your easy-to-manage fence panels up. Whether you’re looking for construction fence that is as durable as chain link, crowd control barriers that can direct the flow pedestrians, or even privacy screening to discourage site theft, Broadfence has the temporary fencing solution for you.

Not only did Broadfence see a need in the temporary fencing market for a fencing solution that works, but also offered at a price point lower than any competitor. We saw that chain link fence was often too cumbersome and heavy. So, we sourced and manufactured our wire mesh fence panels to be just as durable as chain link but to be lighter and simpler.

From that day on, we grew to service multiple industries that need temporary fence solutions—anything from construction to events and even other rental companies (and much more).

With our rapid delivery, Broadfence is the best solution for your temporary fence requirements. Combine that with our inventory and commitment to customer service, and you have the best fencing solution available for setting boundaries just a phone call away!

Anticlimb Panels

Broadfence Anticlimb Panels are galvanized steel and come with an attractive Hi-Viz Thermo-Plastic foot for easy install and coupler for securing the panel better.

Free Shipping

Fast delivery right to your site. We offer FREE SHIPPING* no matter how many fence panels or barricades you order. *Some products do not qualify for free shipping

Crowd Control Fence

Manage the crowds at your events with our crowd control fencing. Keep your venue space safe and secure.

Fencing Privacy Screen

Use our privacy screening in conjunction with our temporary fence panels to shield your job site from dust, dirt, and other debris. Maintain privacy and protect yourself from site theft.

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