Broadfence Team

The Broadfence Team is made up of many persons that all work together from the welding shop floor to the delivery driver – everyone is an essential part to make the customer experience easier. Meet the Team Leaders – the people who manage the teams and empower them to do great things!

Meet the Leadership Team

Owner & Director

With over a decade of experience and knowledge in the fencing industry, Andy brings a vast wealth of insight into our customers’ needs. His commitment to providing a safe, simple, and secure solution to our customers, positions Broadfence as an innovative and forward-thinking provider in the fencing market.


General Manager & Director of Operations

With Blake’s contagious enthusiasm and forward-thinking at the helm, he fosters an upbeat working environment for everybody, driving motivation and success. His energetic leadership style drives Broadfence’s success and innovation in the fencing industry.


Sales Manager

With an upbeat approach to every interaction, Colin brings passion and energy to our sales team. His motivation and drive for success ensures quality sales staff contributing to quality client experience and engagements. His calm and steady nature enables him to provide top quality results.


Owner & Director

Ian is a key player in the team providing solutions to fit our customers needs. With a keen, strategic vision to success, he drives innovation and puts customers as his first priority. His leadership is marked by a collaborative approach ensuring we are at the forefront of the fencing industry.


Owner & Director

Johnny brings motivation and a unique perspective to the leadership team. His natural flair for leadership and a forward-thinking attitude ensures Broadfence provides safe, simple, and secure solutions for our customers. His strategic approach behind Broadfence’s growth and expansion encourages our team to continue to innovate.


Business Development

Jon brings a motivated attitude and infectious enthusiasm for the company’s goals and objectives, inspiring both colleagues and clients alike. As a results-driven professional, he consistently demonstrates a proactive approach to identifying and capitalizing on new business opportunities.


Account Manager

Junior is a quietly effective force within the team. His desire to consistently deliver results makes him a valuable asset to our team. His unassuming demeanor ensures precision and accuracy is at the forefront of his work. His passion and confidence guarantees that things are done professionally, contributing to the overall success of his team.


Executive Assistant

With a goal for getting things done, Kendra paves her way to success. As tasks are handed to her, she takes it all in stride. She is passionate about creating an impeccable impression on Broadfence’s valued customers.


Account Manager

As a detail-orientated individual, Lyle guarantees that nothing goes unnoticed. His creative approach to situations is a driving force in the growth of Broadfence. In a fast-paced environment, his commitment to constant improvement contributes to his mission in delivering high-quality and high-performing results.


Creative & Video Director

Passionate about shaping immersive narratives, Mike takes the helm of the video and content teams, collaborating with both renowned brands and emerging talents. Together, they ensure a consistent delivery of visually stunning experiences that captivate audiences.


Yard Manager

Mike’s quiet, unassuming leadership is the driving force behind the daily operations. His colleagues value his reliability and effective methodology for guiding his team towards success. Focusing on results, he can ensure that the customer’s expectations are exceeded.


Warehouse Manager

Mike’s simple approach to everything is the driving force behind productivity and safety. His adept leadership ensures a well-coordinated team that can take care of our logistical hub. He overall contributes to the success of the company with his results-orientated leadership.


Social Media Director

A dynamic social media director with a flair for digital strategy and audience engagement. Reece has a finger on the pulse of social trends, navigating the ever-evolving landscape, creating impactful campaigns for Broadfence.


Marketing Director

With a strategic mindset and a deep understanding of market dynamics, Ryan’s creative problem-solving is pivotal to Broadfence’s success. His dedication to continuous improvement aligns with his goal of consistently delivering top-tier marketing strategies.


Finance & Administration Manager

With an eye on the goal, Shania is always about achieving results. Her meticulous approach to maintaining financial integrity ensures that the finance department runs smoothly. Her organization skills and commitment to accuracy play a crucial role in the support and success of Broadfence’s team.


IT Manager

With a very in depth understanding of everything IT, Sharad is an integral part of our daily success. Bringing a wealth of experience to the role, he provides effective solutions that make our systems and processes run smoothly.