Why Rent Temporary Fence Panels When You Can Buy?

Investing in temporary fence panels for construction offers an effective way to slash long-term costs and maintain greater project control. With Broadfence, you gain the flexibility of managing your job site security without the wait or dependency on rental companies for installation or relocation of your temporary fencing for construction sites. This autonomy allows you to streamline operations and ensures your projects proceed without unnecessary delays, highlighting why buying trumps renting in achieving effective temporary fencing solutions.

Hidden Costs of Fence Rental

When considering temporary fencing for construction sites, the initial rental costs may seem appealing; however, hidden expenses can significantly increase the total outlay. Here’s a closer look at these unforeseen costs:

  • Rental Duration and Additional Features:
    • The basic rental cost for 60 linear feet of temporary fence ranges from $150 to $500. However, adding essentials like padlocks, shade cloths, and gates can substantially inflate this price.
    • Costs also vary with rental duration, from $50 for an hour to $20-$50 for a month, not accounting for the additional labor costs for installation by contractors, which can range between $30 and $50 per hour.
  • Unexpected Charges:
    • Beyond the visible costs, renters often face hidden fees for broken or stolen panels, set hire periods, and additional labor costs. These can include off-hours work, emergency services, return-to-site fees, and charges for damaged or missing products.

Benefits of Owning Over Renting

Owning temporary fence panels offers a multitude of benefits that far surpass the temporary convenience of renting. Here are some key advantages to consider:

  • Flexibility and Control:
    • Immediate access to fencing allows for quick adjustments to project boundaries without waiting on rental companies.
    • Customize fencing to meet specific project needs, ensuring optimal functionality and aesthetics.
    • Easy to deploy and reposition, providing adaptability to changing project landscapes.
  • Cost-Effectiveness and Income Potential:
    • Broadfence’s buyback program offers financial return on unneeded panels, mitigating the total cost of ownership.
    • Reselling unused fences can recoup a significant portion of the initial investment, enhancing overall cost savings.
  • Quality and Customization:
    • Opt for higher quality materials that offer longer durability compared to standard rental options.
    • Tailor fencing with company branding or specific security features, turning a functional item into a marketing tool.
    • Gain professional insights and support from suppliers, ensuring the best choice of materials and setup for your projects.

Real-World Scenarios Where Buying Saves

In evaluating the decision between renting and buying temporary fence panels, considering real-world scenarios underscores the advantages of ownership, particularly in terms of cost savings and flexibility.

  • Adjustability and Project-Specific Needs: While renting allows for adjustments in panel numbers and types based on changing project requirements, this flexibility often comes with a premium. Events or construction projects with fluctuating needs might find renting suitable initially, but for repeated or long-term use, purchasing proves more economical and convenient.
  • Professional Installation Benefits: Rental companies often include professional installation, ensuring safety and stability of the fencing. However, this service is typically factored into the rental cost, making it more expensive over time compared to investing in your panels and gaining the knowledge to install them as needed.
  • Financial and Project Considerations: The duration of your project and how often you undertake such projects play a significant role in the rent vs. buy decision. Your financial situation is crucial; upfront purchasing costs are higher but lead to long-term savings, making buying the smarter choice for those able to invest initially. This eliminates the recurring costs associated with rentals, such as fees for adjustments in fencing needs or professional installation services, thereby offering a clear financial advantage in the long run.


As we’ve seen, the advantages of buying temporary fence panels, particularly from a trusted provider like Broadfence, extend far beyond immediate project needs, offering long-term savings and benefits. For those looking to maximize their investment in temporary fencing solutions, the choice is clear. Buy your temporary fence panels with Broadfence today, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with owning a reliable, flexible, and cost-effective fencing solution for all your construction site needs.



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