Depending on the project, there might be sensitive property or information you want to protect or keep secret. That’s where mesh privacy screening comes in. You’ve probably seen it before: privacy screening such as Broadfence’s is a lock-stitch knitted high-density polyethylene mesh that goes over your temporary fence. It is an affordable method that shields your job site from wandering eyes. It’s an easy install, so it takes virtually no time before and after the project to set up.

Deter Theft

When you have temporary fence panels already set up around the perimeter of your job site, you’re already doing a great job deterring site theft. However, sometimes you have valuable property or equipment, and at Broadfence, we’re all about making it safe and secure. Our privacy screening has an 85% opacity, so you can barely see through it at all. Rest assured, onlookers simply have less to be curious about when you’re using Broadfence’s privacy screening.

Protect Information

Sometimes, you’re not necessarily worried about dissuading theft, but more so concerned with simply protecting information. Your project may involve something that isn’t meant for public eyes, and temporary fence on its own is not enough to keep that information private. Privacy fencing can help keep that information safe.

Easy to Install

One of the most compelling reasons to use privacy screening on your site is because it’s an easy install. It’s not something that’s complex or takes a lot of time. The fact that you can throw it over your temporary fence panels and attach it easily with a plastic tie makes it a solid choice for when you’re considering a temporary fencing solution that also acts as a visual barrier.